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Flova UK Ltd Guarantee our products against manufacturing defects for 10 years from proof of purchase date, provided they have been installed, used and regularly maintained in accordance with our instructions.

All working parts such as cartridges, which are subject to normal wear and tear, are covered for 36 months from proof of purchase date.

Our guarantee applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.

Diamond Chrome is similar to a Scotchgard on a fabric! The splashes of water on the surface of the chrome will form into a bubble, and drain off in one motion. This makes Flova products easy to clean and avoids leaving water marks on the chrome!

We show the flow rates in our technical drawings for most of our products on our website, in the details for each product. If you cannot find a particular dimension or drawing for a product, please contact us. Our technical support team will be happy to obtain the measurement for you.

Our Flova Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valves have a minimum installation depth of 53mm, and a maximum of 68mm from the back of the SmartBox to the finished surface. For further information on our Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valves, follow the link to view a video.

The minimum operating pressure for all of our Flova products is indicated on the individual product pages of this website and in our brochure. Low Pressure (LP) is 0.2 bar, Medium Pressure (MP) is 0.5 bar and High Pressure (HP) is 1 bar.

We recommend a pressure reducing valve is fitted in installations where the water supply exceeds 3 bar.

FlovaUK products are compatible with High Pressure, Combi boiler, Gravity and Boosted gravity water systems. For optimum performance, we recommend our products are fitted with balanced hot and cold water supplies. Our products are not suitable for mixed supply water systems; e.g. Mains fed Cold and Gravity Hot.

Follow the link below to identify your water system.

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